Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 1

Hello everyone,
So it's the end of day 1 of my trip and what a day (well nearly 2 days it has been!) Seen off by close friends and family at the airport Aaron and I embarked on a 21 hour flight which would take us to the other side of the world. With minimal sleep, some serious movie watching and mischievous seat shuffling we arrived to a frosted, foggy, cold English morning at Heathrow airport.
With suburbs and suburbs of streets and alleys with the same frontage and thousands of flats with minimal space behind us we ventured into London. After an hour commute and one blood nose, how my perceptions changed. The buildings became more majestic, and this was before we even found our hostel. Arriving before check-in time, we donned the kathmandu backpacks and ventured out.
What an afternoon it was. From Trafalgar square we ventured past scotland yard to the house of parliament and big ben, rode the London Eye, sat in on a horribly boring debate in the British House of Lords and took a self-guided tour through Westminster Abbey. It's fair to say that the wow moments just didn't stop. Such incredible architecture from over 1000 years ago with so much history, it's hard not to be blown away. Plenty of happy snaps were taken which shall be uploaded soon starting off what will no doubt be an intense series of photographic memories helping us relive what is poised to be an incredible 7 months.
Some fun facts to keep you occupied.
-Londoners are angry people behind the wheel or when bumped into as we witnessed countless times in our commute into London.
-I am yet to find a London overhead powerline
-The crossing sign doesnt go 'tick tick tick tick tick' when it's time to walk so you have to be on your game'
-Old English men can grow incredible beards.
-London food and drinks are really cheap (comparatively speaking)
-London taxi's are not.
Until next time,

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  1. Hello Dillion,

    Great to se you both made it safely and it is interesting that you were as blown away by it all as I was when I first saw London. Your words were exactly as how I felt seeing all the history. Buildings older than anything western civilisation had created in Australia. Put it all in perspective for me.

    Greta to see you started a blog and look forward to catching up on your adventures and endeavours.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow and have a great trip in Europe.

    Cheers Brenton